B.Tech ( Data Science,  Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning)

B.Tech ( Data Science, Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning)


 Data Science

Analyze information from unstructured data to gain maximum insight that gives a company a competitive advantage.

Data science is an extremely broad field of study related to data systems and processes, aimed at maintaining data sets and deriving meaning out of them.

Data scientists use a tools, applications, principles and algorithms to make sense of data. Since almost all kinds of organizations today are generating exponential amounts of data around the world, it becomes difficult to monitor and store this data.
Data science focuses on data modelling and data warehousing to track the data set. The information extracted through data science applications are used to guide business processes.

 Data Science Course

Data Science Course introduces us to concepts of data science tools, data science algorithms, and machine learning principles that help to gain some meaningful insights from unstructured data. Sometimes, data science courses are considered similar to Statistics Courses or machine learning courses. Statistics courses just analyze the history of the data, but with the help of data science courses and machine learning algorithms, we can predict future trends (profit, loss, or other insights).

Data scientists in India can earn INR 19 lakhs per annum, which is considerably higher than any other profession like engineering.

Students from computer science, engineering, statistics, or mathematics backgrounds can choose to pursue a data science course, as it is a better-paying alternative to BTech or mainstream Engineering Courses.

B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence

The simplest definition of Airtificial Intelligence is, it is an intelligent entity that is created by human, that is capable of performing tasks without being explicitly instructed, and is capable of thinking and acting rationally and humanely. Artificial Intelligence uses computers and machines to duplicate the problem solving and decision making process of the human mind.

Since the main objective of AI processes is to teach machines from experience, feeding the right information and self-correction is crucial.
AI experts depend on deep learning and natural language processing to help machines identify patterns and inferences.

Artificial Intelligence Course is the branch of computer science that creates or uses algorithms to create a stimulating computing environment or machine that can mimic the problem solving ability of the human mind.

Artificial Intelligence combines robust datasets and computer science to to solve complex problems. It also encompasses certain sub fields of machine learning along with deep learning, which are frequently mentioned in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence.

Top Sectors Using Artificial Intelligence

IT Services, Technology Sector ,BFSI Sector, Industrial Sector, Retail

B.Tech in Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subsection of Artificial intelligence that devices means by which systems can automatically learn and improve from experience.

Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence and where machine learning algorithms use sample data or training data to build a model.

This particular wing of AI aims at equipping machines with independent learning techniques so that they don’t have to be programmed to do so, this is the difference between AI and Machine Learning.

Machine learning involves observing and studying data or experiences to identify patterns and set up a reasoning system based on the findings.

AI aims to make a smart computer system work just like humans to solve complex problems whereas ML allows machines to learn from data so they can provide accurate output.

Relationship between Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Simply put, machine learning is the link that connects Data Science and AI. That is because it’s the process of learning from data over time. So, AI is the tool that helps data science get results and solutions for specific problems. However, machine learning is what helps in achieving that goal. A real-life example of this is Google’s Search Engine.