D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education)

D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education),  is a full-time two-year diploma course to train teachers for the primary level. There are a total of four semesters throughout the course, that prepare the candidates to work in primary/ upper primary schools of different states. The D.El.Ed course is designed in such a way that it includes internship and practical training along with classroom instructions. It also includes the education practice, principle of child development and the role of the teacher in grooming the students.

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.)

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) is an undergraduate course that provides a foundation of teaching knowledge and expertise. Students, here are trained upon the principles of education, classroom management, education philosophy and methodology for teachers,  and related theories. Our curriculum is based on both content and pedagogy related to teaching and includes the information and skills that will be requisite in the teaching process, whereas pedagogy involves the psychological and practical aspects of the teachings. After the completion of Course, students  make a career in fields of their choices. It can be public sectors, recreation centers, NGOs, sociology, psychology, health, and human services and teaching, of course.

Master in Education (M.Ed.)

Master in Education (M.Ed.) is an advanced PG degree mainly for the teaching sector. The Course projects education with the latest trends and technology. It serves as a gateway towards research-oriented programs. The areas that are equally focused along with education under this program are- student counseling, advanced technical teaching, curriculum, and training. This program gives additional teaching as well as opportunities to work in positions of leadership. Our curriculum includes educational leadership, planning and resource management, instructional supervision, human resource administration in education, etc. This program opens highly rewarding job opportunities like a teacher, lecturer, professor, academician, etc.