Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Our Vision

To produce world class professionals for promoting the excellence of education and creating culture of Research & Development: and working towards meeting the challenges of economic development at National and International level and maximizing output.

Our Mission

Providing a cost effective base for pursuing comprehensive educational program to develop engineering knowledge & skills producing trained technical professionals suitable for industries, research and management fields including developing themselves as entrepreneurs and creating a center of excellence for technical education.


It is the knowledge that has become the most potent tool of level of development of this millennium. Education of this era has heralded a major shift in the technological area by the sudden outburst of information in all areas of engineering and technology. Only quality human resource can sustain such a high pace of growth. Fresh engineers and scientist can be capable of accepting such a challenge only when they are delivered quality education in the field. They should strive for innovative excellence with social values to be f benefit to the society. Situated in the vicinity of vast industrial network, it has a distinguished privilege of Training and Placement for students.